Booking a Session

Can't wait to hear your plans!
MLS Listings

Booking a session is easy but highly suggested to be done at least a month ahead! 


This is how it works...


  • Send me an email, message me on Facebook or contact me via this site.

  • Tell me what kind of session you'd like.

  • We'll pencil in a date.

  • I'll send you a contract to secure the date, take additional info., and a small deposit.

  • Once I receive the returned contract and deposit... you are set!

  • I will send you a reminder card and $we'll chat closer to time to share ideas! 



Weekends are most popular, and I limit my shoot times to morning or late afternoon for the most flattering lighting... unless of course you're looking for studio photos. 


Typically for weddings, I like to have a consultation meeting to sit down to discuss your vision for the day, what you're looking for in a photographer, and to let you see my portfolio if you haven't already!  Package prices are estimate... we will tailor the wedding package to your needs!


Newborn Shoots preferably done within the first 10 days!!  So plan now!  


More Information will be given upon request. 

MLS Listings:      48 Hour Turn Around Time!

Mini-Shoot:  $150 / Up to 1,800 SF  15 Images Provided

  • Less than 2K Square Feet (3/2)

  • Typical Images: 

3 Front, 2 Back, 2 Kitchen, 2 Living Room, 3 Bedroom (1 each room),

2 (1 each bath), 1 Foyer.   

Silver Package:       $ 195 /  Up to  2,500 SF

Gold Package:         $ 250 /  Up to  3,500 SF

Platinum Package:  $ 350 /  Up to  5,500 SF

  • Shoots for homes that are not prepared and requiring extra time will incur an additional fee of $50 per hour.

  • A shoot canceled within 24 hours of its scheduled shoot shall incur a cancellation fee of $100

  • Twilight shoots, please call for pricing. 

  • Community features, additional pricing.

  • All photos are high resolution delivered digitally. 





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